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Omni II Pro and HS with Lutron RadioRA

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  • Rick Tinker
    I think Rich is planning on supporting RadioRA with a plugin in the near future, so you may not have to decide between the two. I don't have any idea what the cost of a RadioRA system is, but if you decide you want reliable X10 based lights, then go with the HAI Omni system and the Lightolier Compose light switches if they come up less expensive than RadioRA. Compose is still X10 based, but the Firewall devices make it more reliable and the switches (most of them) have some inherent two-way capabilities. They can do scenes with the touch of one button. Both HAI and HomeSeer (with a plugin due to hit the updater soon) support the switches - scenes and all.

    The HAI plugin is working splendidly in all cases except where the system is very large - e.g. additional expansion enclosures or tons of program lines in the HAI. That situation is still being worked out and when it is, the HAI plugin will be fixed and available via the updater. I have been using the HAI plugin with my Omni Pro system for a long time and it has been working very well.

    I know of some professionals who swear by the Compose stuff, so I think you would be safe with that combination. As I said though, I have no idea how it compares cost-wise with RadioRA.


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    Guest started a topic Omni II Pro and HS with Lutron RadioRA

    Omni II Pro and HS with Lutron RadioRA

    I Originally sent this to Steve Hill, but I thought I could use collective wisdom as well.

    We (my wife and I) are moving into a new house. We are trying to decide on what to do for home automation. As the walls are up, I am looking into Lutron RadioRA for the lights. I have decided to use Homeseer for the computer software and need a control panel/alarm system. I am strongly considering the Omni II Pro. What needs to be done and it the best solution? Or should I be considering an X-10 Leviton Solution for the lights. I want to be able to have complex dim scenes and a lot of lights. Are there limitation with the Omni plugin which will limit the functionality of the RadioRA system?
    Thanks very Much.

    Mitch Sussman

    Thanks very much.