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Using units in triggers and actions??

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  • Using units in triggers and actions??

    I just installed version 1.0.0 of the HAI plugin for use with an OmniPro II. Everything seems to work as advertised, so far, but one thing that seems missing is how to specify HAI units (e.g. ALC switches) in event actions and triggers.

    For triggers, for example, I can specify a trigger type of "HAI Unit Triggers" and see a selection sheet for "Output/Flag Triggers" and "Counter Triggers" but no where can I specify one of my ALC units (for example, unit 1) as a trigger.

    Likewise on the "HAI Actions" page for an event I can see "Expansion Unit (Flag) Actions" and "Counter Actions" but no where I can specify I want the ALC light switch at unit 1 to turn on or off (I realize dimming is not there yet). These actions are pretty critical, obviously!

    In the "Unit Divisions" section of the HAI Limit Configuration dialog, I have 32 specified as the number of X10/ALC units. In truth, I only currently have a single ALC unit defined in the panel (this is in the process of being installed), so perhaps that's what's throwing it off...

    - Dan

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    You probably won't like to hear this, but it is intentional that it does not totally work correctly. Let me explain: The original specification was to NOT include X-10 functionality. This means that the first XX units (depends on the model) are really just X-10 addresses (correspond to X-10 addresses) and it was not the intention of the plug-in to take the place of the HomeSeer X-10 interface because HAI's X-10 functionality is limited. Actually, it used to be quite limited but handles most of today's X-10 commands if you have a newer unit as you do.

    Nonetheless, there was very little support put in for doing anything with those first units, and this affects ALC devices as well.

    What you can do is to use the scripting interface as the unit on/off commands do allow (I believe) the use of the unit numbers that correspond to the X-10/ALC devices. Unfortunately, there are On/Off commands only - no scenes or dimming commands.

    As I have mentioned in this forum before, I have an interest in expanding the capabilities of the HAI plug-in to meet more of the requests/needs of people. What I do not know is whether Rich wants to pay for this functionality to be in the base plug-in or whether he will allow me to develop this and charge a nominal fee for the "enhanced" plug-in.

    I will ping him again and see if he responds, but in the meantime, you should let Rich know that you desire this functionality so that he can add it to his requests - that helps him make his decisions regarding it.


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      Well, I admit this is a pretty big deal to me. I have purchased HAI's Weblink offering, so I have a complete web and scripting interface to the OmniPro II for anything that I want to do. I am doing an installation with a significant number of ALC switches, and hardwired ALC support was the reason I put in a HAI panel in the first place. Cheap hardwired lighting control is a huge advantage of the HAI panels over other automation controllers.

      My excitement over the Homeseer HAI adapter is the fact that it will let me consolidate my automation in one place (Homeseer); I don't have to run two web interfaces and have two scripting interfaces to worry about. But without ALC support, its usefulness to me is greatly limited. I might as well go back to Weblink, since it gives me full functional capability.

      I get the impression there may be some business issues driving the decision to limit this function I'm not aware of, because technically there doesn't seem to be any reason for it. You already support triggering off HAI units and taking actions on HAI units, just not units 256 and lower. I assume you're aware that these units can be ALC, and are not just X10 units. If you are making this decision not to support those unit numbers "because you don't want to support *X10* through the HAI panels" (for business or technical design reasons) this really isn't the right way to do it since it throws out ALC support along with X10.

      Homeseer has the potential to be the automation integration platform of choice (it already is for me) by providing full support for as much hardware as possible. Limiting the HAI support in this way doesn't make any sense.

      Finally, I probably shouldn't say this, but in truth I'll probably pay the $29 and register the HAI plugin in any case, because at least it's a step in the direction I want to go. However, having said that, I'd pay at least another $29 for a "professional" version with full ALC support (dimming and the works, with support for ALC actions and triggers).

      - Dan


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        In a way that is exactly why ALC does not work - to avoid X-10. However, the decision was not quite as cold as that seems. You see, the ALC users requesting support for the HAI system were very few, if any, in number at the time. Out of the others that wanted the HAI plug-in, all reported that they did not need to use the HAI system as their X-10 interface. Without the need for X-10 send/receive on the HAI plug-in and with no ALC users reporting in, it made sense for it to not be included in the original specification. As it were, I added a lot more capabilities to the plug-in than were called for (and paid for!) simply because I thought they were critical, and I wanted them in my house! Rich is trying to provide basic functionality until he can see some revenue from it or a higher level of interest. Frankly, he may not see it unless all of the HAI/OnQ/Aegis users out there realize what it does and start buying it.

        This is where my proposed "advanced" plug-in comes into play. Features that were never in the original spec and that were talked about but subsequently tabled (e.g. X-10) are good candidates for this. Another feature is to have a message displayed on a console, and that message can have data in it such as the number of voicemail messages that you have. This type of integration with HomeSeer I think could greatly surpass what even Web-link can provide.

        So, I have raised the issue with Rich again. I think that rather than waiting for Rich to decide if there is enough money in this to pay for other features that were tabled in version 1.0, the advanced plug-in could be written now. Rich has a business decision to make (because there is a real money investment) whereas if I do it and provide it, then I am risking only my time and energy.

        As I wrote above I have raised the issue with Rich again so if he answers soon I can either get started on the advanced plug-in or we can wait a little longer to see if Rich is going to fund the additional features.


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          Whoo Hoo!

          Rich said it was OK to develop the advanced feature plug-in instead of him having it done, so I will get started on your wishes soon!

          Keep an eye to this forum for more details and questions regarding features.


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            I too would appreciate support of all Zones and Units in the OmniPro II, X10, FLAGS, the works.

            I have trouble with the cm11a (HomeSeer)receiving X10 signals from a X10-PHS01 Motion/Flood Light that the OmniPro can see reliably. Anyway I would like the ability to trigger a voice response either from HAI X10 or HAI Flag to have HomeSeer speak "Driveway motion detected".

            HAI support was the main reason I abandon my investment in HAL2000 and moved to HomeSeer. It turns out that HomeSeer kicks butt on many other fronts as well, but device support from plugins should not be limited intentionally for any reason. I too would pay extra for a PRO version that completely supported my hardware.


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              See my post in the advanced plugin thread - all of the units are currently supported, so you can do what you want.


              Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")