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  • Parsiing Special Status

    I've noticed that several classes of status are mapped to the "special status" variable. For example - phone state, AC, battery, energy ...

    What happens, for example, if the phone state changes to off hook and then another state changes - for example AC or battery - is there a priority scheme - or is there a masking of bits so that mutiple changes can be tracked?



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    The last event to happen is the one that is displayed, but all of them will happen.

    In other words, if you define an event to trigger from a device value change, then you select the special status device, then you will get a list of status values including your phone off hook, AC powerfail, etc. If you select AC powerfail, then the event will trigger when there is an AC powerfail even if you never see that status displayed because something else comes along right after it.

    Some of the special status situations also appear as special hidden zones in the panel, and that is why you also have a separate device called "AC Powerfail Trouble" that normally displays "OK" even though the special status sometimes displays that as well.

    Have I mentioned how challenging it was going through the HAI thought process in building this?


    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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      Looks like you've hand your hands full. Looks like the API was evolutionary and hence why it is not as clear as one would like.