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hspi_HAI Run-time error '-2147418105' (80010007)

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    hspi_HAI Run-time error '-2147418105' (80010007)

    See attached dialog.

    I was not attempting to access directly at the time, but a script in HS may have been.

    HS was terminated as well,

    Attached Files

    The message box says basically that hspi_HAI was trying to talk to HomeSeer but it couldn't find it. Thus, I think HomeSeer died and caused the HAI plugin to error out. Remember, the HAI plugin is a separate EXE unlike many plugins, so it will keep running (until it finds that HomeSeer is not there!).

    Does your HomeSeer log show any abnormalities before it disappeared?


    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


      I'm afraid a scan of the log turned up nothing. Did not get the windows traceback either.

      Anyways, I'm back up and the plugin is working great.

      The application is a simple one. I've got a fireplace that has a fan that dumps heat into another room. I use the temperature sensor to determine when the heat is warm enough, then turn on the furnace fan to blow that heat into the rest of the house. When the heat from the fireplace subsides, the furnace fan turns off ...

      I had a much lower tech solution before using a relay to close the fan switch, but it wasn't much fun

      Now that is working reliably, I'll explore other ways of integrating the HAI into the rest of the house.

      Thanks again for your assistance,