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Omni Plugin connection problems

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  • Omni Plugin connection problems

    I was previously testing out the HAI plugin on my laptop, and had no problems. The laptop was working just fine with the HAI Omni plugin.

    However, when I moved everything over to my HA server, I cannot get the plug to access the Omni over the serial port... I KNOW that it is trying to as it keeps locking out the PC Access code (which means I have to pull the battery, unplug the panel, wait a few minutes and try again). So obviously it is getting to the correct COM port and trying to communicate.

    The (working) system was running HomeSeer in the following configuration:

    * Windows 2000 Professional
    * HomeSeer 1.6.66
    * Ocelot and plugin on COM 1 (built in)
    * HAI Omni Pro II on COM 4 (ioNetworks EdgePort/8)

    My HA server is running the following:

    * Windows XP Professional
    * HomeSeer 1.6.80 (upgraded before I tried the plugin)
    * Ocelot and plugin on COM 5 (ioNetworks Edgeport/8)
    * HAI Omni Pro II on COM 3 (ioNetworks EdgePort/8).

    I have tried both the standard HAI plugin (1.0) and the beta. Both have problems communicating with the panel, and both will eventually lock out my PC access code (once again, so I know they are communicating). The code is entered correctly, I have tried both the correct master code and the correct PC Access code, no dice...

    Any ideas? Other than this being on a newer version of HomeSeer, I can't see any differences.

    The USB-Serial adapter (EdgePort/8) is the exact same physical piece of hardware (moved it downstairs) running the same, latest version of the EdgePort drivers.

    Thanks very much for any help you can provide!

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    The biggest problem is probably the fact that you at one time tried the beta plugin and then tried to switch back. I should have noted this somehow in the updater, but in the beta plugin, I am now encrypting the panel access code that is stored in the INI file. The version 1 plugin doesn't even know how to spell encrypted much less that the panel code is encrypted. Since the code is encrypted and stored as ascii representation of the encrypted data, it is still a bunch of numbers in the INI file for the panel code and that is what it is trying to connect to the panel with.

    If you did not move the INI file section over and you truly started with a fresh INI file, then this is all useless information.

    If you did move over your INI section pertaining to the HAI system and it is trying to read an encrypted panel code, then we can reset it easy enough. If you shut down HomeSeer and edit the settings.ini file in the HomeSeer's CONFIG directory, then you will find a section labelled [hspi_HAI]. If you do not need any of the zone names and such, then you can always wipe out the entire section, save the file, restart HomeSeer and it will prompt you for the information again. If you do need some of the names you have given the zones and units, then make at least two changes: 1. Change the COMPort= line to have the correct number after the equal sign for the COM port it is connected to, and 2. Change the panel code to the 4 digit number for your panel - leading zeros required if any. The line to change that at is PanelCode=

    The other thing is that the HAI panel requires a null-modem cable. If you try to wire up the panel with only 3 wires, it won't work, so make sure you are using the same cable and if necessary null-modem adapter as what you had with the laptop.

    If this doesn't help, let me know.


    Rick Tinker
    HomeSeer Technologies

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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      Thanks for the help! I believe that perfectly explains my issue.

      I had tried to install just the HAI Beta plugin first, and noticed that you obviously can't do that. You must install the normal plugin first. That's why I went back...

      After some playing around I got it all working by changing the code to something invalid and then changing it back.

      However, due to another problem, I went ahead and wiped out my HomeSeer installation and reinstalled from scratch and everything's working now.

      I was unable to see the HAI webpages. I guessed that this was due to installing a version of the Web Wrapper plugin a few months ago...

      Anyways, I finally have my HomeSeer server (as of yesterday) fully back up online and functioning for the first time in 6 months (due to server issues and lack of time - Ocelot was solely controlling everything on its own during that time).

      Glad to have everything back up on HomeSeer. The integration of HS with the HAI Omni and Leopard will also let me do things, such as put temperature on the Leopard panel, that I can't do with a serial cable from the Leopard to the Omni using ProLink (since you can't directly access the temp values from an Omni program).

      Thanks for your help!

      BTW - I hopefully will have a bit of time to finally writeup some information on requests for a future advanced plugin. I do have some ideas, but haven't had the time to write them up or research them all.