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Security Status not updated when HomeSeer starts

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  • Security Status not updated when HomeSeer starts


    Noticed that when I start HomeSeer with the plugin, that the "Security Status" in both the main app and in the Status webpage is blank... However, on the "HAI security" webpage, it is there - ie: Panel Status is correct.

    If I change the security status either via the webpage, or by a console, then this is updated correctly.

    It appears to just be a problem when the plugin initializes.

    Not a big deal, but thought i would mention it. This is in the beta plugin...

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    Actually it is intentional.

    The status is updated by setting that device, and the others in that group, to specific values. Those devices all have status/value pairs associated with them, so I don't actually do anything with the display string - it changes automatically based upon the value.

    When the plugin starts up, it gets the current status of everything in the system and for the other items in that group the value is the same as it was when HomeSeer was shut down, so the display is the same.

    If I change the value of those items however, then that would launch a device value trigger event in HomeSeer if you have one configured. Since the panel status that the panel is in when you start HomeSeer is potentially completely different than what it was when it was shut down, I chose NOT to update that value so as to not cause any undue triggers that you may not be ready to handle upon first start of the system. For instance, if you shut down the system when the panel is armed in night mode, and all of the events that trigger by a night mode arming have been done, then restarting the plugin when the panel is still in night mode should not cause all of those events to trigger again. Safest way is to just set the value to undetermined so that the very next change in the panel status will force a trigger and an update of the display value. It is after all of the items have been read from the panel and everything is saved in memory that the message about triggers being active is displayed and the plugin is fully operational.

    If I had some way of temporarily disabling any device value triggers at startup, then I would not hesitate to set the device's value properly.

    Does that make sense?

    The whole thing is an argument for not creating devices for that sort of thing and to have a plugin provided trigger instead. Oh well, live and learn I guess. Since I have control of the plugin now, it is something to consider in an enhanced version of it.


    Rick Tinker
    HomeSeer Technologies

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")