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  • Advanced Plug-In Wish List

    I have been given the go-ahead to develop an advanced HAI plug-in that will have all of the features that were not practical, cost effective, or able to be done quickly when the current HomeSeer supported plug-in was designed originally.

    Some of the features this would have would be the ability to control the messages and their display on the consoles, ability to send X-10 commands to the X-10 units (including Leviton codes, preset dim, etc.) and support of the ALC hardwired devices.

    I would like to see, here or via email, your wishes for this advanced plug-in. I would like to keep the cost of this down to the $20 range (since this is above and beyond the base plug-in cost), so anything in the range of making the plug-in capable of controlling a nuclear reactor will not be considered. Pretty much sticking to features that you know the panel supports that are not being used in the current plug-in are what I am looking to hear opinions on and votes in favor of doing.

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    Jeeze. The response is overwelming. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img] Hopefully you've gotten a few responses by email.

    One thing I would like would be the ability to use the "time" function on the units, i.e. "unit 35 ON for 3 minutes" instead of plain "unit 35 ON".

    My system is described in my profile.
    My system is described in my profile.


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      No, there have been no replies - and here I thought everybody would be excited to reply.

      There are commands to turn units on/off for a period of time in the API, so I just have to figure out how this would map into the user interface.

      Thanks for the idea.


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        I'm excited about the extra development! I don't even have an HAI system yet. I plan on purchasing one shortly and look forward to integrating it with Homeseer.


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          I'm working on a HomeSeer setup at my boss' house, where he has an HAI OmniPro II interfaced to a Lutron Radio RA system.

          Would I be able to control the Lutron lights through the OmniPro plugin?


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            Not unless RadioRA has gone X-10...

            HAI supports X-10 and OnQ's hardwired switches, and of course Lightolier which is fundementally X-10 too, so I don't see how it could do RadioRA. The only way it could do it is through an intermediary such as HomeSeer, with HomeSeer having some sort of interface to the RadioRA system.


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              The RadioRA system is connected to the OmniPro through a serial cable (not sure of the pinouts, but it is connected and the OmniPro does control the lights)...

              It's not X10, but since the OmniPro can control it, I was hoping that I could get to it through the plugin.


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                Your boss might be using ProLink to connect to the Radio RA system. ProLink is a simple ASCII text interface. Look at the instructions of how to hook up the RCS keypads under the interface section at Worthington Solutions for an example of how to use ProLink.

                My system is described in my profile.
                My system is described in my profile.


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                  Correct - the link between the Omni and RadioRA is probably Pro-Link, but regardless of whether it is Pro-Link or Omni-Link, the Omni-Link protocol that the plug-in is using does not have any provisions for controlling the serial interfaces. Well, perhaps it could send a string out a serial port to the RadioRA system, but it could not interpret anything back from it. Sorry, I'd like to help.

                  The only thing I can think of to do this is through the outputs. It would take probably a ton of coding on the HAI system, but perhaps you could allow HomeSeer to operate an HAI output (virtual, e.g. nothing connected) and then the HAI sees that and responds by controlling a corresponding RadioRA device. Very nasty, low-level interface, but it might be doable.

                  Check the HAI website - application directory, etc. and then call HAI as well to see if that idea is even possible.


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                    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by GC:

                    Some of the features this would have would be the ability to control the messages and their display on the consoles, ability to send X-10 commands to the X-10 units (including Leviton codes, preset dim, etc.) and support of the ALC hardwired devices.

                    I would like to see the ability to display custom messages on the HAI consoles. Also the ability to trigger an HS event based on a status change from ANY zone, not just individual zones.

                    Also, what is the reccomended method of displaying motion sensor status from the HAI system on a HS device? Do I have to have a HS event for each HAI Zone that triggers on a zone status change? Or is there a less event loaded way to do this?

                    Thanks for your work on this plugin.




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                      Some good requests, but... The ability to have a trigger from any zone changing is possible, but for most people it would be impractical because there would always be a zone here or there that they do not want to be monitored. It would be very difficult to allow a configuration whereby only certain zones changing could trigger an event or make a condition true. I would attempt this were it not for the OR feature that Rich put in the newest version of HomeSeer. If you have an event triggered by a condition, and then on the conditions page you can have the conditions OR'd together. This is where you can have Zone 1 OR Zone 2 OR Zone 3, etc. This is by far better because for what you want to do, it might be better to include X-10 motion detectors or other inputs that are not handled by the HAI system.

                      Motion sensor status has a new name if you follow this board... Somebody else wanted better displays on the status screen for motion detectors, so they wrote a plug-in that manages changing icons for motion detector devices. This is going to have much better functionality for what you want and again, it is my understanding that it can handle all kinds of motion detectors so it could handle non-HAI zones as well. Look under custom plug-ins for the Motion Sensor Plug-in. I don't have the exact location, but it should not be hard to find. It is also in the updater if you have the 1.6 version of HS.


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                        Some how I missed the inclusion of the "or" function in HS. This will work better as you suggest.

                        I am trying to catch up on the info from this board after a 12mth absense. A lot has changed in that time, lots of great plugin's etc. I did see the Motion pluging, but did not think it would support the HAI zones as sensors. I will take a closer look at it.

                        I just picked up an My Omni LT and it is working great with the plugin. Great addition to my HA system.




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                          I have the OMNI II and I also have the weblink II software. As I browse this message board I see some really cool looking webpages that people have created. Like:

                          I know that Weblink does not have this capability. So my question is, will the HAI plugin add the capability to create this type of webpage? I would like to see that instant status of motion detectors. What type of motion detectors are people using? I don't currently use motion detectors for security purposes now, but I do have some of those Hawkeye X10 wireless motion detectors, would those work?

                          Will the webpage show complete status of all Omni zones?


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                            The plug-in provides a web page which does show the up-to-date status of all zones, units, flags, etc. It does not automatically refresh at a regular interval, and a change in the status of a zone does not refresh the page either. That said, the plug-in does give you scripted access to all of the same information, and so you could easily write your own web page that does what you want. For instance, the Ultra View system by Ultra Jones found on this board uses the "Any Status" trigger of HomeSeer to run a script if any device changes in the whole system, and that has a graphical display so you could just install his system and get what you want.

                            So the short answer is that it is not native to the plug-in, but the plug-in allows you to use other systems that provide this.


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                              It would be nice to know when my HVAC system is on or off. I have been using a script that compares the temperture to the set points, but quite often the set point will be different than the temperature and the AC or Heat will not be on.