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  • HAI (OEM OnQ) Hardware/Firmware WishList

    HAI/OnQ owners:

    There has been some discussion on the HAI User's List (an email based list server) regarding wishes from people for the HAI (and thus OnQ) systems.

    The full list has been compiled, and as a message I am enclosing states, they are looking for ratings on the various requests.

    There are many features for the HAI/OnQ plug-ins that I have been asked to implement, but some of them cannot be done or are difficult to do without some of the features being asked for on the wishlist.

    If you are interested in getting even more out of your HomeSeer/HAI system, please consider chiming in with your vote.

    The enclosed message is almost verbatim from the list - I did cut out all of the wish list items that were NOT somehow related to features/requests that tie back to the HAI plug-in and functionality around that. If you wish to get the full list, you can request it from the list administrator (or Ken Schumm) I am sure.

    Please also keep in mind that Scott at HAI wrote once:
    "How many systems did you commit to purchase? 500...1000? If you want things done on YOUR timetable, I'll be happy to give you a quote on NRE."
    Thus, they may not be motivated by existing users and certainly do not want to hear from 3rd party software vendors, but if you know somebody who is considering a purchase of an HAI system, by all means send them the wish-list.


    Rick Tinker
    HomeSeer Technologies

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    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")