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Difference between HMS and HAI plugin

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  • Difference between HMS and HAI plugin


    Could you tell me the difference between the OnQ HMS plugin on the updater and the HAI plugin? The plugin version numbers seems to be very far apart.

    As an original alpha and beta tester for Gus when he was writing the plugin I'm running the HAI Omnipro version but I actually have an HMS 1050 controller. So far, other than getting the d_mn security status to update correctly in device 1 the HAI plugin seems to work fine on my HMS system.

    I was thinking of downloading the OnQ version but a couple questions came to mind before I did it.

    1) If I am a legal user of the HAI plugin (bought and paid for) do I now have to rebuy the OnQ plugin even though I never changed my security system?

    2) Being the version numbers are so different, is the functionallity of the OnQ plugin less than the HAI plugin?

    3) Are ALL enhancements to the HAI plugin also being mirrored to the OnQ plugin and, if so, why are the version numbers so different.


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      BTW... One of the features I am currently working on is support for your button to take the panel offline temporarily so you can use PC Access on it.

      The HAI plug-in was sort of an insult to OnQ who have their own products, and so I split the plug-in into two. The HAI plug-in supports HAI and Aegis, the OnQ plug-in supports OnQ only. If you have updated recently, you should switch to the OnQ plug-in as the HAI one will no longer recognize your model number and thus will have incorrect values for your panel limits. Send me an email so that I have your email address and I will send you an unlock code for the OnQ plug-in - you do not need to re-purchase the plug-in.

      From the time the code was split, the version numbers which are incremented automatically, become separated because most of the time I work with the HAI project file but it makes changes to both plug-ins at the same time. Occasionally at significant releases I will synchronize the versions by jumping one up to the level of the other, but for the most part these two plug-ins will always be kept in sync functionality-wise.

      Also just so you know, the "bump" on the MB doesn't work because I don't have all topics on the MB sending me email of new posts. If you have a problem with the plug-in, by all means please let me know via email or the helpdesk so I know about it more quickly.


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      Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")