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  • Run Time Error 462

    "The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable."
    I get this error quite often when I shutdown using the hs.Shutdown routine.
    Is there a way to prevent this? When HomeSeer is restarted it can't find the HAI plugin which generates an error in the log and causes multitudes of other errors.

    Here is the scenario I am trying to get running cleanly.
    1) Firedaemon runs Homeseer as a service. It is configured to restart HomeSeer if it stops running.
    2) a Homeseer event is defined to shutdown HomeSeer at a specified time every night.
    3) When firedaemon sees that Homeseer is no longer running, it restarts it.

    The thought here is by restarting Homeseer on a regular basis, any memory leaks etc. from it or its plugins would not prevent reliable operation.


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    That is an error caused by HomeSeer actually shutting down before the HAI Plug-in does. When HomeSeer gives the HAI plug-in the message to shut down, the polling timer is stopped, but the plug-in may already be in the middle of a pole, and if so it may be talking to the COM port. Thus, I set a timer in the plug-in that allows it to finish up any polls that may be taking place. Occasionally, HomeSeer actually finishes its shut down routine before the timer expires. It is OK to terminate hspi_HAI.exe when this happens, but I can understand how it is causing you problems.

    BTW... Memory leaks are pretty well managed in Windows 2000 and XP operating systems (at least at the application layer) so if you are not already running one of those operating systems, have you considered upgrading to prevent having to shut down every night?

    Since I am (trying) to get some work done on the HAI plug-in currently, I will look into this and see if I can adjust the timer or change how I handle the shut down so that it happens much faster. I have to be careful to not turn things around to where the HAI plug-in is not shutting down before pending condition and trigger tests on the HAI plug-in are done, but with a little "think, think, think" and some grunting on my part, I bet I can come up with a way to make this better. ;-)

    Keep an eye on the updater in the next week or two for updates to the HAI plug-in and then try it. In the meantime, if you can try one of these two workarounds: 1. Put a loop of hs.WaitEvents and hs.WaitSecs 1 in the shutdown.txt script so that HomeSeer's shut down is delayed a little more or 2. Use a utility or program to kill hspi_HAI.exe if it is still running after HomeSeer has completely shut down.


    Rick Tinker
    HomeSeer Technologies


    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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      Thanks, Rick
      Actually I'm running XP Pro on the server. Maybe its overkill what I'm trying to do. I'm just trying to make things as reliable as possible. I've read about watch dog timers being implemented and other such things on this board so I concluded that there is an issue with how long Homeseer can run before hanging. Maybe thats not an accurate conclusion.