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Omni model differences

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  • Omni model differences

    I've been looking at the different models for the Omni controllers. The one that peaks my interest the most, the geek that I am, is the ethernet port. Is ethernet only available on the pro version? I know there really isn't HomeSeer support for it it yet, but that will come eventually.

    Are there any other real differences I should be looking at? Other than the expansion options, each one seems to to support pretty much the same features. Although on a smaller scale.

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    HomeSeer doesn't support the Omni Ethernet port, just the serial port.

    If you are going with HomeSeer, if money is an issue, go for the mid-Omni II and take the $500 you saved and buy HomeSeer. You really don'y need the extras that the Pro offers because HomeSeer can do those functions better. The Omni Ethernet port DOESN'T support any type of web pages, it only allows the access software to connect with Ethernet, but HomeSeer allows that access as well, with web page access.


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      Yes, got the protocol doc from HAI in reference to supporting the Ethernet port, but they said they were sending a DLL file and I never heard from them again. I assumed they never completed it - anybody got it or know about it or care to ask HAI what happened?


      Rick Tinker
      HomeSeer Technologies


      Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")