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  • Rick Tinker

    I am not as familiar with the Aegis models as I am the HAI and OnQ ones, but if the 2000 is what was roughly equivelent to the Omni Pro, and if the 2000 is the one that has been around for years, then yes, it will work and will continue to work. Any new features put into the plug-in requiring a firmware upgrade will of course leave the Aegis 2000 behind, but hopefully that won't happen!

    I stopped to see Aegis at CEDIA but despite having a large display wall in a booth, there was nobody around to talk to, so I could not get an update on the product line as it has apparently made the move to new owners from Home Systems Plus.

    The Aegis is supported in the HAI plug-in, not the OnQ version.


    Rick Tinker
    HomeSeer Technologies

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    Guest started a topic Aegis 2000

    Aegis 2000

    The Aegis 2000 is no longer sold, but I am wondering if the plug-in will support it.

    THANKS for a great plug-in!

    + Max +