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Setting Outdoor Temp With HomeSeer

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  • Setting Outdoor Temp With HomeSeer

    Is it possible for HomeSeer to set the outdoor temp that the Omni uses to display on the panels, and if so, how? I do have an outdoor temp sensor, which displays on the panels fine, by HomeSeer can get the real outdoor temp from a local weather station which is much more accurate. I want this to be used as the displayed outdoor temp, instead of the outdoot temp sensor, which I can remove. Can this be done?

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    No, that would be a feature enhancement to provide the ability to offset the temperature reading. However, I would check with HAI to see if they already provide that capability in the panel (they do with their thermostats so it might be there in the thermostat setup), or if they guarantee the accuracy of their sensors, then I would check the mounting location of the sensor as it can make a big difference in the reading.


    Rick Tinker
    HomeSeer Technologies


    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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      The sensor itself is probably accurate (I am using the improved version) but the problem is that I live in AZ, and radiant heat can play havic with sensors. I have the sensor mounted on a west wall, generally in the shade, and I even built a little overhang to keep it in the shade all the time, but it still seems to be quite off in the heat of the day. It may be 108 outside and it reads 125. When the sun goes down, it returns to an accurate reading.

      Like I said, I can't really fault the sensor, since its just the sun heating my relatively dark house that causes the error, and a fixed offset wouldn't help much either. So, I guess I'll have to live with it, or I may just disconnect it. My only grip with HAI is they only provide 2 digits of temp display. Seeing it displayed as "25" is stange in summer.