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New to Homeseer and HAI.

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  • New to Homeseer and HAI.

    Hi All,

    I've just finished planing and getting a quote for installing a HAI Omni II, RC-80 thermostat, PIRs, inside/outside temp sensor etc

    After I've recovered from the total price I have a few questions.

    I intend on using the Omni to Control the RC-80 and want to use Homeseer to control most of the x10 devices, the Omni plugin to control the Omni, plus the web page control etc

    In wiring this up I understand I'll need a serial cable from the homeseer PC to the Omni controller but can I control/view temps on the RC-80 from homeseer through the Omni? Or, do I need another serial cable that goes from the homeseer PC to RC-80 panel.

    Just making sure I run enough cables in the first instance, and not have to do it again!

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    You can view and control your HC-80 through the Homeseer web pages. You can also view HAI temperature sensors. My understanding is that a few more options are available if you do connect via serial cable to Homeseer. I'm happy with the integration through Homeseer though and I like having direct control of the thermostats through HAI keypads and events.



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      There are some things you lose in both cases presently and some advantages of others...

      You can connect the RC-80s to the HAI system and HomeSeer can control them fully as well as you being able to control them from the HAI consoles. What you lose is the ability to get some details such as when the HVAC system is actually running, what mode is it in when you have it set to "Auto", and a few other things that are not critical, but are useful bits of information. If you had an RC-100 thermostat like I do, the loss of the ability to put the thermostat into Aux (Emergency) Heat mode is a major blow against automation. When the temperature drops below 33 degrees and the heat pump is ineffective, I do not even want it wasting the electricity trying - I just want the system in Aux mode and I cannot do that.

      The alternative is to connect the thermostats directly to a serial port on the computer. These are handled through HomeSeer's script based thermostat support. This provides access to more information, but there are no triggers, conditions, and the interface is all script based.

      I have begun looking for individuals willing to code plug-ins for HomeSeer supported thermostats so that we can get a better level of integration and support out of thermostats. (If anybody is interested, drop me a line.) When we have these plug-ins done, then I will probably recommend connecting the thermostats to the serial port directly, but until then, it is your call with the easier integration probably coming from you connecting them to the panel.


      Rick Tinker
      HomeSeer Technologies


      Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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        Thanks guys. Might just wire it up to the ONMI to begin with and see how that goes.