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Best method to capture OnQ motion sensor data

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  • Best method to capture OnQ motion sensor data

    I would like devices defined in Homeseer dispay the status of motion detectors attached to My OnQ panel (1050). Currently I have "motion sensors" defined as virtual devices and use scripting to turn on when the status changes to "not Secure" with logging enabled, then turn off when the status changes to Secure with logging off. Certainly not elegant and there is a delay in the return to secure status (seems update @ 1 minute intervals). Is there a better approach that may have a more informative display of status and better updating?



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    It depends on exactly how you trigger the event, but what you have now is probably best.

    The HAI/OnQ zones/units do not appear as HS devices because in some systems, this would be over 474 devices used!

    If you are triggering your script with a condition, then it will not update that fast as conditions are usually used as a check when a trigger has occurred, and when they are used by themselves they are evaluated at a lower frequency. Triggers are more instantaneous, so make sure you are using that. If you run your script and pass it a parameter of ON or OFF rather than doing another check of the zone status in the script, then it will be even faster... Actually, two events that directly change the device you are using for motion detection should have virtually no delay.

    Event 1:
    Trigger: Zone x Changes to status Not Ready Action: Device MOTION turn On

    Event 2:
    Trigger: Zone x Changes to status Secure Action: Device MOTION turn Off

    The key is using the trigger feature of the zones as they are the fastest.

    Now don't get cute like SOMEBODY who monitors this forum and shall remain nameless and put a ceiling fan near your motion detector and make it trigger 200 times/minute! I got quite the chuckle when I was told of that one...


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    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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      My system is described in my profile.