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  • Mainlobby....

    Anyone here using mainlobby as the gui to their homeseer/hai omni pro II system?

    Just wondering if you can call alc lighting controls through the mainlobby interface?


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    I am using MainLobby as a UI for Homeseer.
    What is an alc lighting control?
    There are a few thread on this forum that talk about ML and HS integration.
    Briefly - there is a plugin in MainLobby that allows commands to be sent from ML to HS to run events and control devices by house code.
    There is some 2 way support for switches.
    There is more robust HS integration support in process at


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      ALC is a hardwired lighting control made by onq for hai. I am only asking because with the current homeseer plugin you cannot add the alc items like regular devices. They are only available through the hai units page on the web pages.


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        Do you know if the ONQ HAI will accept communication in some other form? Chances are, MainLobby can probably get it there if they offer some alternatives.


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          It has a full script command set supported, and the commands are the same between the HAI plug-in and the OnQ plug-in with the difference being the plug-in name - HAI_System vs OnQ_System.

          There are many other plug-ins that will have device limitations or deviations from the standard "x10" device, so we should come up with a way for dealing with them.

          How is the two-way interface coming? I keep offering my assistance but don't get any questions so I hope it is going well!

          I had some people mention it at the show today and they are very much looking forward to the two-way interface.


          Rick Tinker
          HomeSeer Technologies


          Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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            Hi Rick,

            Yeah - I think the people have spoken and are really excited about tighter integration between HomeSeer and the Cinemar software.

            Dan is meeting this week with another developer to get things rolling faster on the 2 way communication between the apps. I'm also continually building graphics for when that day arrives.

            I'll let you know if we need anything from you or Dan may contact you directly.

            Thanks for all your help.