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New Beta 1.0.94

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  • New Beta 1.0.94

    What changed in the beta? I can't find it anywhere.


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    Yeah, just saw that too- Wonder what it is?


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      Sorry Shane - I did not post any information. It is mostly a re-compile of the '83 beta with two exceptions: 1. It validates the panel code and displays at startup which code number it is and what level of permissions it has - normally this should be user code 1 and a level of Master. I need this information for when people say that I can do some things but not others with the plug-in -- normally that is a panel code issue. 2. There was an issue when the panel was not connected or the COM port specified was incorrect where it would loop indefinitely and appear to lock-up HomeSeer. I have fixed that so that it does not lock-up but allows HomeSeer to continue its startup, and then it retries the connection to the panel every 30 seconds.

      I was so busy with other things that I neglected to update the beta description document with this information - sorry!


      Rick Tinker
      HomeSeer Technologies


      Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")