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  • OmniProII<->Ocelot<->Homeseer

    Hi All,

    Need some suggestions for the best way to wire this up.

    I was thinking of Having the OP2 and Ocelot connected via 1 serial port, then Homeseer and the OP2 by another. Leaving the Ethernet port on the Omni for Omni Programming.

    The only issue is that I'm left without a serial port for the Ocelot programming.

    Humm.. Suggestions?



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    If you plan on running Homeseer all the time, I would connect the ocelot directly to your PC. It will be have more capabilities and will be easier to program with the Ocelot connected to Homeseer. You will still be able to trigger IR events directly from HAI through some plug-in events. Also, you won't need another serial port.



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      I had almost the same question with the HAI OMNI II, the Ocelot and HomeSeer.

      If I connect the PC running HomeSeer to the Ocelot using the serial port, how will I be able to control the OMNI II. What's the best way to do it? Should I send X10 messages from the Ocelot that will be processed then trigger events on the OMNI II?


      Stephane Morin


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        If you are using both the Ocelot and Omni plug-in, you should be able to have one trigger the other. For example, you could set up an event that is triggered by a change in the ocelot, from that event, you would have that same event trigger something within the Omni plug-in. That way you would have the integration I think you are looking for.