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HAI OMNI II Serial Interface Problems

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    Thanks for the response Rick.

    My final comment was not aimed at HS or anyone on the board - rather a reflection on where we sit in the evolution of home automation so that it becomes available to the masses. Much the same as Windows and Intel has eventually done for the PC (although I'm sure many would argue that point).

    I understand that there are $$$ solutions out there.

    As good as you guys make HS - without peripheral manufacturers caring as much - HA will never cross the chasm (see Geoff Moore).

    I'm a hack at heart so I enjoy debugging this sort of stuff - I just couldn't imagine the normal Joe going through what we do just to be able to connect his thermostat to his PC.

    All the best,



      OminiPro II serial and ethernet interface problems

      I have a homeauto system include : Omipro II controler , TouchScreen hub with video encorder enclosure, touch screen with video and some wireless requiment security other. My system operating very well until last week. Some problems happen in my, I need your help very soon.

      1. Two serial port ( a port for I-Line EDT ligting control and a port for HAI HI FI ) were not work suddenly ( before operating very well )
      and leds indicator recivers indicating when controler send command via them. now, just one serial port operated well.
      2. Ethernet port were not work suddenly ,too.

      3. Video encorder do not operate.I used to NTSC camera and composite output. IC near IC's name is Analog device have Phenomemnon over heat. Although I already plug camera output to video iput on touchscreen hub , but on touchscreen still display is camera 255.
      I was reset system ROM. then,I used to PC acess to setup system again. but my system still does not opreat well as innitial.

      I need your help . Please email answer me !

      All the best ,


        Try unplugging all power from the HAI Omnipro II controller for about 15 minutes or so. I had a similar problem some time ago with mine with loss of controlling the HAI. I do not have the touchscreen hub, wireless or HAI HI FI. I am only using the serial and ethernet connection. Did you have a storm with a lot of lighting. I have never paid attention to the heat being generated by the HAI Omini Pro II board so I wouldn't be able to tell what is too hot. You said you reset system rom and used PC to access system setup. Were you able to communication with HAI Omni Pro II with PC?
        - Pete

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          HAI problems

          Dear !
          the first, I thank for your answer !
          I can setup Omini Pro II throught serial port 1. I set serial port 1 is OMINI LINK to Setup. after setup finished. I change protocol serial port 1 to PRO LINK to conected to ILINE lighting control system. Now, I just use only serial port 1.
          Serial port 2 and 3 and ethernet are not working. i very wonder because i dont find any reason with my system. today, I reset both system ROM and RAM. after reset I unplugging all power on my system. but my system still having that Problem
          please help me !
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            i need your help !!!