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  • Secret to getting it to work?

    Finally have the OmniProII installed now and trying to get the HAI plugin working... Installing/programming the Omni was a breaze compared to getting this plugg-in working!

    I've had it working ONCE, then something happened and it hung homeseer. Now I can't get it to work at all.

    Every time it starts it says it needs the panel code. I've tried to put it in the ini file manually (and it encrypts it after it's first run) but it just doesn't work.
    When you get the dialog to enter the panel code etc, well, you enter it, press OK and nothing happens. Trying to "Get Names" comes back with "no panel comms etc"
    Can load up the HAI Software and it has no problems talking to the panel using the same PC Access code as I've manually put in the ini file.

    Just playing around trying to get it to work now has caused me to have two lots of every menu item in the HAI_System menu, even though the plugin is only running once.

    I've had to the stage were I manually configured the pc access code, restarted, homeseer says "Need to configure zones etc", so I do that, go to "Load Names" and is says no panel comms problems, even though the homeseer log has read the panel software version (2.5). Now looking at the ini file I see it's encrypted the panel code with all high bit characters compared to the normal, lots of numbers encryption. Different encryption being used in different parts of the plugin, that can't be good.

    HomeSeer 1.6.177
    HSPHone 2.0.154
    HAI Plugin (That's all that's in the updater).
    (all paid for!)

    What the heck is going on! I can't even get consistant problems with this plugin.

    Reading this group shows that just about everyone has problems getting this going.

    So is there a step by step/don't do this or it won't work, document to getting this running.


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    The best method for getting this up and running quickly is the helpdesk - I may go 3-4 days or more before I catch up with the message board.

    While the plug-in does have some issues that I need to work on, most of them are related to the issue of the HAI polling protocol, but I have beat that to death here before and you don't care about that right now.

    I assume that when you use HAI's software that it is connecting using one of the serial ports, and that the HAI plug-in in HomeSeer is using the other? The symptoms are that the serial port cannot even find a device connected to it much less get it going. Since the plug-in assumes that the HAI is connected to the system properly, there are issues with the plug-in not trapping errors correctly when it is not connected.

    If you can shut down HAI's PC Access, make sure HAI's Web-Link is not running if you have that, and then configure the plug-in to use the same COM port as what PC Access was using. Enter the code in the INI file for the MASTER code (code 1), and try again. If the serial port on the HAI was changed from its default of Omni-Link to the other protocol, PRO-Link, then that will cause a problem as well -- it needs to be Omni-Link.

    And finally, the latest version of firmware that I have tested on the HAI system is 2.4. I sent an Omni Pro II that I was developing on back to HAI after CES in January, but I have yet to see a replacement come back, so I cannot even begin to reproduce the problem.

    Please check what I have listed here and if it does not get the plug-in working, then please open a helpdesk ticket so I can work with you directly.

    Thank you.

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")


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      You answered my post in 2 days but my help desk ticket (2992) has now been in for 6 days and hasn't been picked up.