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Quickbridge 8016 Problems - zone status not registering?

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    Quickbridge 8016 Problems - zone status not registering?

    I installed the quickbridge 8016 on my OmniLt as shown by the pdf on this Worth Solutions.

    I can program my sensors into the quickbridge no problem.

    1. When a sensored door (on Z1 for example) is closed, zone level is 3 and says "secure" (in installer software).

    2. When door is open, zone level is 45 and still says "secure". It does not trip the alarm.

    I have used the resistors that came with the HAI. At the OmniLT side, I have a wire from the Z1 to the Z1 of the Quickbridge. I also have a resistor between Z1 and COM - at the OmniLT. Similarly, Z2 is connected to the same COM with a resistor. I have no resistors on the 8016 (quickbridge) side.

    When I open a door, the correct 8016 LED lights up, then goes off when I close the door.

    Any suggestions?

    Make sure you select the correct zone type in the install section on the Omni. The value should read around 148 when the Omni is secure. A 45 or 3 is definitly not secure for a normal non-fire alarm sensor.

    Completely remove the quickbridge wire. Do you get a 148 and secure now? Now short a wire across the zone on the Omni. Do you get a 1 or 0 and a "not ready"? iF so, your Quickbridge probably isn't hooked up correctly. If not, your Omni isn't setup correctly.


      The quickbridge zones (1-8) and Battery and Supervisory zones must be configured normally open (they quickbridge defaults to normally closed). COnfiguring as normally open will not effect how the sensors themselves work (its just how the quickbridge communicates the omni