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Problem with HAI scripting

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    I assume using stored values will overcome the issue of sometimes having to wait a few seconds for the HAI HAVC web page to show. I assume it's doing this as it has to request the temp from the Omni for my RC80 and 3 Temp Sensors and polling or something else might be slowing it down?

    So where to send my "fix list" to for the HAI Plugin?

    Eg.. Install and Config.. need I say more!
    "Double" support in setting temps for us Celsius people etc etc.




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      I think I've been getting a related problem with the plugin. I don't read the temp like others, but I use the plugin to get zone information, set the alarm state, etc.

      At times, I start with the check interface status call and sometimes get a "3" returned instead of a zero. When I set the panel to "night" mode, the call is supposed to return a "0" but sometimes it doesn't even know it worked. Other times I read the HAI Alarm status as "99" which is not a valid alarm status. I also have an event that triggers on this status change, and sometimes it triggers when the status changes from "0 to 99" which doesn't make sense.


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        Hmmm. I guess the fact that I do very little with the scripting is preventing me from seeing some of these. I do almost everything with events. I do not do much with temperature other than setting the setpoints, so that too is where it is apparently failing. My acid test was the sample script that does a bunch of things with HVAC and a few zones of info - I set that to run every minute or so and I thought I had it all working well when I got no failures.

        Needless to say, yes - when I get done with this rewrite I hope that it will never return 999 for any value. Now it may not return the absolute latest value, but that seems to be secondary for most people to returning 9's which indicates a communications problem.

        Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")