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Gigabit Use in OnQ?

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  • Gigabit Use in OnQ?

    I'm getting a system and I'd really like to implement gigabit ethernet at least from a single room where my file services will be, so I'm looking for a copper gigabit (1000Base-T) to 100Base-T Ethernet switch that could go in an OnQ cabinet, but all the modules I see are only 100Base-T hubs, let alone switches. Any thoughts? Of course ideally it'd be all gigabit, but as long as the main link has 1000, that'd be ok

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    Yeah. Get a good gigabit switch off the shelf, and make some type of fugugly mount inside the OnQ cabinet. All the structured wiring manufacturers seem to be behind the 8-ball with hubs/switches. Slow, underpowered, undersized, and over-priced. Just my $.02.
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