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Video Surveillance w/ HAI WebLink or Homeseer?

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  • Video Surveillance w/ HAI WebLink or Homeseer?

    I'd like to set multi-camera video surveillance and then be able to monitor at a couple of different locations within the home and also remotely.

    I'm looking at the HAI WebLink which appears to require a WinTV card and cameras to make it work. Now I am just finding out about the Homeseer app and would like to know if I can do the surveillance described using Homeseer and what hardware I would need.

    Also, is the Homeseer a replacement or substitute for the HIA Weblink, Enduser and setup software. The HAI software $$$ is starting to add up.

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    Yes, HomeSeer with a couple of plug-ins can do this and much, much, much more.

    You would need HomeSeer and the WebCam plug-in. If you did want to use an HAI security system and wanted to control and monitor that remotely, then you would need the HAI plug-in as well. All told that probably approaches the price of WebLink (not sure what that costs these days) but the HAI plug-in in HomeSeer gives you power over the HAI system that HAI's product does not give you. You can also have the flexibility with HomeSeer of controlling more X-10 devices than some HAI systems allow you to control, or could even control non-X10 based systems such as Z-Wave.

    The WebCam plug-in deals with cameras that are connected to your PC - e.g. USB cameras or cameras connected to a video capture device. If you are looking at IP based cameras, then you would not need the WebCam plug-in and instead some HTML knowledge (or reading more posts at this message board) can get you web pages for monitoring your security system that has your video images in them as well.

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")