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Comm Port Error in latest dll

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    Comm Port Error in latest dll

    I just downloaded and tried to use the latest SG plug-in. Unfortunately, when I restarted HS I received a comm port error: Access denied. However, I did not see the 10 repeated "Error in CommThreadProc:, The port is closed." messages that I see when the port actually isn't available.

    Fortunately, I had an older version of the dll that I had renamed. When I named it back and restarted HS it appears to be working properly. No comm port error, at least.
    Mike____________________________________________________________ __________________
    HS3 Pro Edition, NUC i3

    HW: Stargate | NX8e | CAV6.6 | Squeezebox | PCS | WGL 800RF | RFXCOM | Vantage Pro | Green-Eye | Edgeport/8 | Way2Call | Ecobee3 | EtherRain | Ubiquiti

    Hi Mike-

    I wanted to make coms initialize in a separate thread, but I guess this won't be feasible. You can use the old version or the one I am sending to the updater right now.

    You know us engineers, if it works perfectly, break it so it works better!
    -RJ (HomeSeer Tech)