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HS will not connect with SG Com Port 2 anymore

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    HS will not connect with SG Com Port 2 anymore

    Hi all,
    I was using version 4.00 of the Stargate firmware and had no problem
    with HS communicating with the SG on Com port 2.

    When I upgraded to version 4.10 today, the SG would no longer
    communicate with the HS on SG Com port 2 so I fell back to version
    4.00 which works just fine.

    I did a little experimenting and found that the SG would communicate
    just fine with HS on Com port 1 with either version of the firmware.
    It looks like JDS changed something in firmware version 4.10 that
    will not allow HS to communicate with SG on Com port 2 even with Com
    port 2 defined as a modem port at 9600 baud with 8N1 set.

    I like having HS on Com port 2 since I have a Web Xpander daughter
    card that has the Com port 1 pass through from the serial port on my
    WinEVM PC. I have the Web Xpander set up to update the SG RTC once a
    day since its drifts like crazy (~2 sec/day), especially during the

    Hopefully JDS can make a correction to the SG version 4.10 firmware
    so it can still communicate with HS on Com port 2 or maybe there is a way for HS to update the SG RTC daily like the Web Xpander daughter card does.