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Does UPB work in HomeSeer when using the Stargate

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    Does UPB work in HomeSeer when using the Stargate

    Can I use a UPB interface attached to the Stargate and use HomeSeer to control the Stargate UPB device? It seems to only work with X10 devices. When I select a UPB device in HomeSeer, the Stargate plug-in does not seem to support it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Disclaimer: I don't use UPB (yet), so treat my opinion accordingly.

    From what I've picked up on the SG forum, the implementation of UPB is limited. Is there some reason you prefer not to use the HS UPB plugin to control the UPB devices?

    Assuming that triggering the UPB device by SG is important, it's part of a scene say, then you can use HS to set a flag that triggers a SG event. You can then put the UPB commands in the event. I actually do this routinely for many of my X10 scenes. A palmpad keypress then translates into the the same scene as a wall kepad button that is connected to SG directly.
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      Hi Chuck-

      There isn't any support for UPB in the plugin now, mostly because we don't have enough users to warrant this configuration. I can take a look at what is required to add support here, and then let you know if this is feasible.
      -RJ (HomeSeer Tech)