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Relay Expander supported?

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    Relay Expander supported?

    Does the plug-in support relay expanders?

    I searched the board and found that the 8CUR board is supported but you have to poll relays. Is this true for the JDS Relay Expander as well or well it pull in the relays as separate devices just like it does for an I/O Xpander?

    Anyone out there using a JDS Relay Expander?

    thx -- greg

    I'm not sure, but my recollection is that you have to poll the expander. I don't use it, so I do not have personal experience.
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      Plug-in Does Support Relay Xpanders

      Greg, I have eight SG MotherBoard Relays (HS Codes #1 through #8),
      two I/O Xpanders (HS Codes #9 through #24)
      (anyone have any I/O Xpanders they would like to sell?)
      and one 8-Channel RCS Relay Xpander HS Codes #41 through #48).

      Manual Execution of this HS Event (Note the required small delays):

      DemoRelayXpander Manual Only

      Device Command:
      SG_Relays RX_TI103 On Delay: 00:00:01

      Device Command:
      SG_Relays RX_TI103 Off Delay: 00:00:03

      Generates this HS Log:

      06-Feb-08 03:03:41 Info Event Trigger "DemoRelayXpander"
      06-Feb-08 03:03:42 Info Event Trigger "RX_TI103 (delayed action)"
      06-Feb-08 03:03:42 Info Device: SG_Relays RX_TI103 (#45) ON
      06-Feb-08 03:03:42 Info Deleting event after run: "Delayed Actions RX_TI103 (delayed action)"
      06-Feb-08 03:03:42 JDS StarGate Relay #45 (SG_Relays RX_TI103) set to ON
      06-Feb-08 03:03:44 Info Event Trigger "RX_TI103 (delayed action)-1"
      06-Feb-08 03:03:44 Info Device: SG_Relays RX_TI103 (#45) OFF
      06-Feb-08 03:03:44 Info Deleting event after run: "Delayed Actions RX_TI103 (delayed action)-1"
      06-Feb-08 03:03:44 JDS StarGate Relay #45 (SG_Relays RX_TI103) set to OFF

      as well as this SG Log:

      02/06 03:03:08 8CH-1 [RO_Xpander]:RX_TI103 ON
      02/06 03:03:10 8CH-1 [RO_Xpander]:RX_TI103 OFF

      I am using the latest versions of HS and the SG Plugin w/o polling. Regards, Jim White



        Thanks for the reply.

        I currently have one I/O Expander and I can control it as you do just fine from HS without polling. I am considering adding a relay expander or two to the mix for speaker switching. I believe these communicate with SG through the Aux bus along with the I/O and IR Xpanders that I now have. My I/O expander relays work just fine without polling.

        Do the JDS relay expanders connect to the aux bus?

        The reason for my post is that I recall (but can't find now) a discussion some time ago about issues relating to Relay Expanders. It might be that the problem is only with the 8CUR boards (RS485) and that the solution is to poll them. If that is the case, then I should have no problem.

        I took a look at your web site - Wow! - You've done a great job there!

        -- greg