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Question on JDS IR Xpander

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    Question on JDS IR Xpander

    Using the plug in should it be connected serially to the Homeseer machine or connexed to the Aux port on the Stargate.
    When I had it on the stargate, I never saw anything but when I hook it to the Homeseer machine it shows me the 4 zones but I don't see anything on how to set up for learning or transmiting.
    We just bought a new window ac and with the electronics in them they reset when the Z wave shuts off the power and do not power back up when the Z wave turns back on. Consequently time to reactivate the IR to hopefully turn it on an set the temp.


    I have my IRXpander attached to the AUX port on my Stargate and I let SG control it. To send an IR command from HS, I use SG flags. I set the flag in HS, then have an event in SG that is triggered by the flag. The event sends the IR command and resets the flag.

    That's not very efficient, but it lets me continue to use the IR control I'd already incorporated into my SG schedule, and I have very few cases where HS initiates an IR command.
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      Thanks Mike,

      I think I'll hook it back up to the Stargate. Good idea on the flags.
      It will be simple to do what I want with Stargate.