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Device Triggers Require Workaround

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    Device Triggers Require Workaround

    I asked this years ago, but now I can't remember the answer.

    The plug-in does not work with the Trigger "Device X Value is Set to Y".

    I have to use the "Device X Value is Set to Any Value" and then add a condition of "When Device X is Y"

    Is this a fault of the plug-in? It seems that I should be able to use Standard HS triggers, but I've never been able to.

    If nothing else, it's a nuisance. At the most, it's a bug. Everyone seems to have worked around it. I'm just trying to understand why. Things would be a lot cleaner if it worked as expected.



    I have not been able to figure out how to use Device Value Set To a specific number as a reliable trigger even where the SG plug-in is not involved. (Set to Any or in a range seems to work, but Set To X does not.) I'm wondering if the problem is more general. Do you have events unrelated to SG where Device Value set to X works ok as a trigger?

    The way I've gotten around it with regard to triggers based on SG variables is to use a trigger of Device Value = X. When SG assigns a value to a variable, HS seems to be able to interpret it in a equality. Where I see the problem most is when I try to use 'Set A to X' in HS, then I cannot find a way to use A Set to X or A = X as a trigger.
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      I am pretty sure my workaround of using "SET TO ANY" and then a condition Xvar = A works for variables changed in both Homeseer and the Stargate. So I'll just stick with that! I agree that Homeseer triggers could use some improvement.

      Now if only events could trigger on a comparison of variables, like if Xvar = Yvar or if Xvar > Yvar or Xvar < Yvar.

      But I suppose that's asking for too much since Xvar=A doesnt even work. For now, I have to run a script whenever one of the variables changes if I want to compare variables in Homeseer.

      Since this is now officially a Homeseer plug-in (not 3rd party), you'd think we could expect the basic triggers to work.

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