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saving time as a variable

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    saving time as a variable

    Does anyone know of a way to save a "time" as a variable, either SG or HS and to use it in an event? I have a welcome home event that tells me how many people have called, rung the doorbell, etc. I would also like it to anounce when the alarm was set ( which sets an away flag ) ex. since you left at "time" there have been # of phone calls, etc. thanks for any help

    There are replacement variables in HS for this.

    On your HS site:


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      thanks for the comeback. I use these to anounce the current time but do not see how to store a time based on a device change ( flag being set, etc. ) and speak it later.


        You could store the hour and minute in a device string when you arm the system, then have your announcement reconstruct the time from the string.

        &hs.SetDeviceString "u16", Hour(now) & " " & Minute(now)
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          Or, you might want to look at simply saving the data to a file for later retrieval. hs.SaveInisetting and hs.GetIniSetting. You can save any number of strings, change and use at will.
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            Mike's suggestion may be all you need.

            But in the interest of complicating matters, I have attached an example script that I used to track the comings and goings of the housekeeper. The flag, "\21", was used to track when the housekeeper was in the house - it was turned on when she disarmed the alarm with her code, and turned off when the alarm was rearmed. The script is run on a trigger when \21 changes.

            I then used the device strings in announcements, etc.

            Just throwing out some ideas for you.

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