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Ancient technology question... Upgrading from old WinEVM to new one...

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    Ancient technology question... Upgrading from old WinEVM to new one...

    Hello all,

    So, I bought a TimeCommander (actually a HomeBase, from HCC, but that's ok) in the mid 90's, back in the day when the TimeCommanders were 2400 baud. I looked into doing an upgrade, so I could go up to the likes of 2.43, but at the time, I couldn't be without the TimeCommander, so I opted against it. Way too late now, and there's not a lot of point, since I use HS as the HA "brain", and the TC just acts as a HS-I/O gateway.

    Well, I just bought someone's TimeCommander, and it arrived today. It has 2.43 on it, so the 9600 baud upgrade would make the communications between HS and TC quicker.

    Problem is, it doesn't seem like the older WinEVM schedule/database is compatible with the newer WinEVM. I can open the schedule, and the device database sorta looks ok, but when I try to download, it looks like the TC actually goes out to lunch when the schedule download gets to the X10 database part of the download.

    Does anyone remember anything about any sort of conversion utility or steps for going to a newer WinEVM?


    Been a while since I messed with WinEvm

    The update readme is at:

    Maybe you can find something there


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      Thanks, but unfortunately, that's specific to the StarGate, and there's no mention of transitioning from an older WinEVM schedule to a newer one...


        Have you tried contacting RCS directly? Perhaps there is someone there who can provide a conversion utility - or at least some insight.
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          I spoke with Jeff at JDS for a few minutes, and there doesn't appear to be a need for an explicit conversion of any sort. There's one or two other quick things I can try, but if those don't work out, then I need to start over again with a blank slate. Not a huge problem; it's just busy work...