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    I tried loading this code into WinEvm but all I got was "Sorry Dave I can't do that"


    MSI Cubi Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz, 2201 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) 16GB DDRl RAM

    Enabled Plug-Ins
    BLRussound, BLSpeech, HSTouch Server, JowiHue, MyQ, Nest, Rain8, Squeezebox, Ultra1Wire3, UltraGCIR3, Vista Alarm, X10,Z-Wave


      As for me, I just keep accumulating TimeCommander-type gear. I have my original HCC HomeBase, two JDS TimeCommanders, and a JDS CS308, and I also have four I/O Xpanders. Three setups are deployed, and one is a spare.

      So far the only thing bad that's happened with any of them is the 80C552 blew out in one of the Xpanders due to some weird surge that happened when I was doing something I shouldn't have.

      I'm sure the lithium batteries are long since dead, but they're all on UPS, so I'm not overly concerned.



        I am still using the Stargate with CADDX for
        1. relays and a few DIs and an analog temp sensor
        2. the interface to the CADDX motion sensors and to my
        3. Jandy pool serial interface

        I use the ISY (fabulous little box) for lighting, but I'm relaying everything through Homeseer, so the CADDX motion sensors are being used to trigger ISY programs.

        I am thinking about replacing the CADDX with an ELK, so that the ELK and ISY can monitor each other directly via IP interface and the lighting programs can all run independently of Homeseer using the alarm sensors to trigger zones. Plus the ELK is just more up to date and it works with the CADDX wireless zone models

        Oonce I do that, my Stargate will be doing nothing more than gate control (relays and DI) pretty much autonomously and providing the Jandy interface, since there is one HS plugin available to do that directly on the PC but I was having trouble getting it to work.

        I could offload the gate control to Insteon sensors and devices, but I'm not sure they're reliable enough for the gate, which is one of the most critical must-work things in our house.

        Oh, and the biggest thing preventing all of this is the need to replace all of my LCD keypads with on-wall Android tablets running HS Touch.