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Stargate with HS3

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    Stargate with HS3

    Looks like it has been a while since there was activity on this Forum. Curious as to if there are any Stargate users still active? If so, where have you gotten with using Stargate with HS3. Im still using the plugin with HS2 and would like to upgrade to HS3 but I am a heavy user of the digitial I/O and keypads for Stargate, cant really see a path forward. Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!


    I gave up hope for a SG plugin. So I bought an Elk M1G - it has all the I/O I could want, it runs stand alone "event" programming independent of Homeseer, and my existing RCS thermostats (ZCV4) integrated fairly well. Nothing out there can match what SG did with phone integration and LCD keypad functionality. But Homeseer with Way2Call and HSTouch can do most of it, with some ingenuity.



      That's too bad they didnt port it. I worked alot with Glenn Todd back in the day to test and develop the plugin. I have some early alpha source for the original (lol...somewhere) but it'd be a nightmare to try and use. Alot happened with the plugin after I was actively involved with it. Then after Glenn passed, Homeseer took it over and did alot of work to it. I wonder if they'd release the last rev or source code so could work on porting it to HS3. I'm guessing that not alot of people are using StarGate since it has been out of production for years now. Even when it was active, not alot of people used it due to it being a wicked expensive item.


        I'm still using Stargate. It has been rock solid for years and I like its independence from windows foibles for reliability. I've used the concepts in this thread for over a year now and it is working very well with no issues. Takes a bit of effort to set up all the events and a bit of scripting, but well worth it in the end. If my Stargate ever packs it in, I will probably convert to an ELK or something similar for the reasons given in the previous post.


          I am still using my SG, and expect to do so for the indefinite future. I described how I exchange information between HS and SG in this thread.

          I find the combination of HS and SG to be very useful and powerful, and I think that doing it myself, rather that with the plug-in actually works better. The plug-in for HS2 was not well crafted in my opinion, and HS ran much better once I was no longer using it.
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            I too am still making good use of my Stargate and will for as long as I am still in the game. I have a brand new one still in the box as a backup. I use Stargate only for its I/O capability and as a watch dog of my HS3 system. Works flawlessly.


              I recently migrated to HS3 and used the code samples and suggestions on this board to write my own interface. In the end, actually it's much simpler than before. Now instead of relying on all the Stargate variables, I am using just a handful of virtual variables.

              I moved CADDX to Homeseer, irrigation to a Rachio, lighting to my ISY, pool controls to an Autelis interface. In the end, Stargate is doing some basic I/O and gate control, but most importantly is still the primary keypad interface I use. I simply programmed the buttons on the keypads to send a variable command to Homeseer. Homeseer then sends status updates to Homeseer for keypad updates. So the keypad feedback takes a full cycle, yet still works well.

              My Homeseer system is faster and better than ever.



                Sounds like all good stuff.

                I also moved caddx to HS but only for zone status info. I connected the caddx external outputs to SG for other status info such as arm mode, exit timer and entry timer. I did this because I found the caddx plug-in somewhat unreliable and there were timing issues.

                I use mcsSprinklers on a stand alone mini-ITX which works great and is completely independent on HS and SG. I have a large irrigation system (22 zones) and have been using mcsSprinklers for such a long time without any issues that I can't justify moving it to something else. My Davis Vantage Pro talks to Cumulus which runs on the same mini-ITX as mcsSprinklers. I use Jon00's Cumulus plug-in to grab the Davis weather data.

                My interface to HS is Imperihome on Android touch pads and smart phones. Seems pretty stable so far.