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Plug-in Overview

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    Plug-in Overview

    Lutron RadioRA is a very reliable, radio based, lighting control system. It's typically professionally installed and sold through distributors/dealers.

    HomeSeer's Lutron RadioRA Plug-in Interface provides the ability to fully integrate the RadioRA system with HomeSeer home automation software. It allows complete 2-way interaction between the two systems. The plug-in allows HomeSeer to react to virtually any RadioRA event including button presses, zone status changes, LED status changes, and security mode changes. In addition, the plug-in is able to control most aspects of the RadioRA system including changing zone statuses, virtual "Room" and "Scene" button presses, changing security modes, and setting LED statuses.

    HomeSeer version 1.6 or later.
    Lutron RadioRA RS-232 Interface (hardware).
    Available PC serial communications port on COM1-COM8.
    Serial cable: Straight through 9-pin male-female.

    Information about the Lutron RadioRA system can be found at

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