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is ther API doucmentation of this plugin

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    Hey Scotch !

    After a year with issues on the nuvo plugin ( not supported anymore so I guess this is an expected situation with the hundreds of framework / windows / hs updates ), I have tried your script and it works good but we get major lags sometimes, I'm suspecting the OPEN PORT / CLOSE PORT redundancy which is called everytime a user send an IR that triggers a NUVO script action.

    Ex.: VolUP on a Logitech harmony which triggers many nuvo events in a row when user presses multiples times. Each event had a OPEN / CLOSE PORT action.

    Do you think we could just have an OPEN PORT on the tv-on ir command and a CLOSE PORT on the tv-off ir command ? This would probably solve the situation with multiple triggers.

    Otherwise, what do you think would be causing this ?
    Thx !



      I have been migrating to HS3 and have set up HS3 to talk to the Nuvo using the drhsIpPlugIn. All is working well so far.


        Nuvo HS3

        Is there any way to get a Nuvo plugin for HS3. I dont have HS2.


          there is not one for hs3.

          I have been trying to find the old api but i dont have it anywhere anymore to even start working on it


            NUVO plugin refresh

            It seems that this plugin is dead but there is a lot of demand for it. I'm ready to pay someone to have this plugin updated and working...
            I'm working with drhsip right now to control my Nuvo GC and it's working well but I would like to have two-way feedback as well, that's why I ask for a real plugin.

            Requirements :
            Nuvo Grand Concerto with zone expander so need zones 1-16
            Serial connection 57600, N, 8, 1
            Direct control of zones on-off, volume, mute and input source
            Zone status, and current source
            No fancy stuff like artist and songs playing

            If someone is interested, let me know!



              Hello, does anyone here still use the MMS from Autonomic?
              I have a Spotify bug needing a second opinion.