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RCS Rev 1.0 Support

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  • RCS Rev 1.0 Support

    Hello All,

    There have been a few users with trouble using the thermostat plugin with an RCS Revision 1.0 Thermostat. Please read this thread before submitting a helpdesk ticket if this applies to you.

    The RCS Thermostat does not adhere to the ZWave specification standards. There were modifcations made to the script to handle this, but the plugin will not. HomeSeer does not support the Rev 1.0 Thermostat anymore.

    There is good news however. By contacting RCS ( you can obtain an upgrade to the thermostat by returning your Thermostat directly to them. The Revision 1.2 model has been tested and works with HomeSeer and the plugin. This upgrade is free from RCS (short of shipping), and they are happily providing it.

    If you are still having troubles with the ZWave thermostats plugin, please open a helpdesk ticket, and we will help troubleshoot any issues you are having.

    For more information, email rj[at]


    RJ Walsh
    HomeSeer Technologies, LLC
    ZWave Thermostats Plugin Author/Support
    -RJ (HomeSeer Tech)