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Using thermostat device status

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    Variable issue not ID?

    Thanks for the reply richardfj,

    I checked and it is ID 1 like the example. However, looking at the message, I think that it is a variable mismatch issue. Looks like variable fan is an integer not text.

    I hope RJ can help.



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      Okay, somewhat related question... How can I populate a virtual device for zwave therm mode state? It shows it in the thermostat device, but from what I can tell the subcomponents arent assigned to virtual devices that I can use for other purposes. I see the script above includes a mode but not mode state.

      Also, When I ran the script above, I got errors in the log. Running .55 beta so it may be related to those calls not being compatible... Does a script with the code above need to be named .vb or can it be .txt?

      Thanks for any help you can provide. Toby
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