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No Manul Control of Thermostats

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  • No Manul Control of Thermostats

    I have two Datlon Z-wave thermostats, operating with HS 2.4.01. Everything was working great, and then I unplugged the Dalton USB-10 Wave adaptor and re-plugged it back in and the thermostats are not fully recognized by HomeSeer. I get this message on start up:

    ZWave Thermostats - Warning, there is no class information for this thermostat, it will not operate properly until you rescan it in HomeSeer.
    ZWave Thermostats - Warning, there is no class information for this thermostat, it will not operate properly until you rescan it in HomeSeer.
    ZWave Thermostats - 2 Thermostats converted Successfully.

    I rescan the devices in every way I know how, I have restarted HS multiple times, and hardware powered down the computer and powered it back up. All the thermostats can be controlled by events just fine -- change mode, change set temperature, but when I go to the plug in page to "manually" change a thermostat mode, all I see is an "off" message. The temperature is being reported correctly, and if I physically put one of the thermostats in an operate mode (e.g. cool), then the plug in page will allow me to set the temperature, but not change the mode back to off or heat or anything else. Crazy... what do i need to do so I can recover the manual control of the thermostats from the plug-in page?

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    One additional piece of information, when I attempt to do an audit of the nodes, this is the response for all three nodes:

    HomeSeer was able to send a frame to the node.
    HomeSeer attempted two-way communication with the node to test routing and was NOT successful - method used: Association Information



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      All is well. I am not sure what the cause of this trauma was, but it has been repaired.

      I suspect the problem was caused because I did not remove the Daltom SmartStick graciously, but just unplugged it when the computer was powered up, but HomeSeer was not running, I then added a USB extension, and plugged the SmartStick back in, and restarted HomeSeer. Better solution would have been: shut down HomeSeer, power down the computer, add the USB extension with the power off, power up the computer when the SmartStick all ready to go, and then restart HomeSeer.

      But this is what I did to fix the problem.
      1. With HomeSeer Running
      2. Removed the Thermostat from the wall, (it is then operating on battery backup)
      3. Brought it in close proximity to the SmartStick, and pushed the “bind” button.
      4. SmartStick did its blinking trick. (lights blink etc…)
      5. Re-scanned the Thermostat from the Device Status Page. [Note if this is working properly it will give you a “finished” very quickly, before I did the rebinding, it would also say “finished” but took a lot longer to get there – not all “finished” are the same.]
      6. Shutdown HomeSeer and restarted HomeSeer.

      Thermostats work great.