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Event with EnergySave Cool as a condition

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  • Event with EnergySave Cool as a condition

    I have an event that triggers on an activate command of a UPB device with a condition of a t-stat being on Cool Mode that sets the t-stat to EnergySaveCool. This event works correctly. Now, I have a deactivate command for the same UPB device that is supposed to put the t-stat back to Cool mode from EnergySaveCool when the condition is the t-stat in EnergySaveCool mode. This event does not execute. I noticed that the mode listed on the status page shows EnergySaveCool, but the event choices lists this mode as EnergySave Cool (notice the space after Save). I think there may be something wrong with the plugin as it doesn't list the mode correctly. EnergySaveHeat is the same for the status and the event choices. The event works correctly for Heat, just not the cool modes. I hope all that is clear.

    Anyone else have this issue?

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    "EnergySaveCool" is incorrect in HS. It shows "EnergySave Cool" with the space between Save and Cool, so the plugin isn't seeing the condition because HS has it listed incorrectly.

    Anyone know how to change this? I have just set my conditions to set the cool setpoint to what my energy save set point is as a work around, but it would be nice if I didn't have to do a workaround. Again, the ones for the Heat are just fine.


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      Have you entered a bug report help desk request on this?


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        No, I have not, but I will now.