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HomeSeer Zstick and other remote control

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  • HomeSeer Zstick and other remote control


    I have installed HomeSeer as Aeon Z-Stick Zwave USB Adaptor S2 as primary controler with Duwi windows blind controler EW EST and HomePro ZRP 230 Appliance module to control my radiator.
    All of this work fine and I am able to program automatic opening and closing of the windows roller blinfds norming and evening.
    Good and I find the Zstick very handy to move from room to room.

    But now, I like also to use a remote control, on in each room for example , to control the blind outside the program organised by HomeSeer.
    But I cannot register the Duwi blinds units or the HomePro appliance devices in this new remote control, entering the remote control in the association mode.
    I have various remote control like HomePro ZTH200 with 6 buttons, the Duwi ZW-FB 10 with 10 channels, the Aeon MiniMote with 4 channels or the Qees Key Ring.

    I have always reset the remote control and remove the possible association of the device with the remote.

    What I am doing wrong and what shall I do.

    I should say that I am a little bit lost with the meaning, in Zwave vocabulary, with Inclusion, Exclusion, Remove, Association, Learn, Add Unit to a group, secondary controller , replicate etc word that we find with various remote controler and HomeSeer.

    Thanks for your help in explaining to me how to program my devices with HomeSeer and Aeon Zstick as Primary Controler and able to use a remote control to control the blind (or the radiator) outside the program.

    Best Regards