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Best practice to replace zwave tz43 stat

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    Best practice to replace zwave tz43 stat

    I had a TZ43 go all "wonky" on me - it started to think it was 44 degrees in the house and from that pint on it was as they say "balls out" (who knew that phrase comes from old steam engines equipped with centrifugal governors - they had metal balls as part of the mechanism) stage 2 heating. No reset, No fix as far as I could tell. RCS was kind enough to send me a replacement stat and I should have it in a day or two. Other than the option to remove failed node are there any suggestions on how to replace the stat that minimizes the need to chase events, etc.

    add it to controller



    Do you know what the warranty info is on these? Mine has been driving me crazy all winter. It will sometimes just stick on a temperature and I have to reset it for it to figure out the correct temp. The problem obviously is that either it is way too hot or way too cold. The other morning it said 68 degrees and it was actually 74 in the house and the heater was just cranking away. Or it will get stuck at 75 and the temp in the house will drop down to 60, never kicking the heat on.

    I just can't find the warranty info!


      Contact these guys. Typically they are very good to work with.