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RCS/Trane Z-wave Tstat - Temp Device reports Celsius

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  • RCS/Trane Z-wave Tstat - Temp Device reports Celsius

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    How strange. Mine is in F in both reports. I checked the HS Setup/General/Other Settings/Temperature Scale and that is F, but what I can't check is the actual set up in my remote TStat, but I'm almost certain there was a C/F menu choice there that I set to F. If yours are both set like that then sorry I'm stumped.

    Reference ID 114
    Status 2 = ON
    Value 7100
    String 71 F
    Supports Status True
    Dimmable False
    Misc Settings Do Not Log, Status Only, Z-Wave Child
    Assoc Devices Parent: Back Hall HVAC Thermostat
    Sensor Type/SubType 1 / -1

    P.S. Per RB's good advice below: a reboot, a rescan and 4 re-optimizes seems to fix my occasional HS/Device tantrums.
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      I had this condition and I believe a Rescan of the thermostat device & restart of HS cleared the problem.


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        Yep, this worked. Thanks.