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Error Message from TRANE Zwave Thermostat

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  • Error Message from TRANE Zwave Thermostat

    I am getting the following error message from my Zwave TRANE Thermostat Error sending mode command (40-2), return was ERROR ID: 3

    This error seems to be preventing the thermostat from updating correctly with the actual temprature. However, I am able to contol the thermostat from Homeseer and my Ipad HSTouch client.

    Any ideas on what might be causing this error ?

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    Yep, this happens a lot with the Tranes that I own as well.
    Transitioning to HS3Pro .298 - WinXPEmbedded

    Hometroller S3 Pro - WinXPEmbedded - HSP - BLStat - HSPhone - HSTouch Srvr - Touchpad - BLLan - BLOccupied - DSC Plug - BLStat .38


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      Is there anything that you can correlate that error too? Does it happen when polling or event triggers or anything like that?

      I have a couple of Trane stats and if you can correlate it I will spend a little time seeing if I can duplicate it as I rarely see errors on my stats.