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Trane Thermo going to OFF mode

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  • Trane Thermo going to OFF mode

    For a couple of weeks now I've had my Trane Z-wave thermostat turning OFF completely on its own (i.e., the mode which is one of HEAT/COOL/AUTO/OFF switches to OFF). I've looked in the BLStat activity log and can see that it changed to OFF, but I can't find anything in the HS log at that time.

    Luckily this wasn't happening back when it was really cold out!

    Anyone else see anything like this?


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    Well, it appears that the Trane thermostat is failing. As has been the case for the past week or so, this morning the thermostat was in OFF mode, so the temp in the house had fallen to about 62. I brought up the mode menu, and the darned thing became possessed: As I watched, the menu switched back and forth between HEAT and OFF every few seconds. After doing that for a few times, the menu switched to the temperature set-point setting, and incremented up and down between 66 and 72 and back again. Then it went back to the mode menu. I showered and left the house with it still doing this.

    I've ordered a new Trane thermostat since I can drop it in with just a click onto the base, but I'm curious if anyone has had any trouble with these. I guess I could get a different Z-wave thermo if needed.

    Unfortunately, it's supposed to get down into the 30's every night for the next several nights, and it is supposed to snow on Sunday. I may have to wire the old non-HA thermostat back in temporarily....