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Multi-Zone HVAC help is much needed...

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  • Multi-Zone HVAC help is much needed...

    I have a multi-zone HVAC system. The terminals I have access to are: Main thermostat: R B O G Y W and the 2 zones have: R W Y each. It's a DuroZone SMZ system. I am looking to see if I can use the Honeywell ZWAVE or a different Z Wave compatible Thermostat?

    Has anyone implemented anything that would help me in my quest?

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    I looked into the SMZ panels at one time.. with those, Zone 1 is kind of the Master zone so to say.. it is also the zone that will have the fan control..

    the sub zones are just looking for heat or cool from that zone to determine whether to activate the equipment and the damper for that zone...

    You can use any standard or communicating thermostat with that panel.. that panel only supports single stage equipment at the stat itself.. so if you are using a multistage furnace or A/C, you will want to configure the equipment to use internal staging methods as opposed to looking for second stage call from the thermostat..

    by putting a Zwave thermostat on each zone you could have full control of your system by homeseer, in that you can change the setpoints and mode of zones 2/3, and change the setpoint / mode / and fan (on / auto) of zone 1..

    you would be able to get the operating status of your system by reading each thermostat and its "call" (depending on the zwave plugin support)...

    it shouldnt be too tough to get that up and going assuming your Zwave network is robust.
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