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Advice on Z-Wave Thermostat selection?

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  • Advice on Z-Wave Thermostat selection?

    I have two RCS thermostats operating two zones in my house. A recent storm and power failure took out one of them - this is the second time I have had a failure even with surge protectors. I have a backup unit that I installed but I am getting lots of errors in Homeseer so I am operating them stand-alone for now. These problems and some bugs in the RCS plugin led me to start thinking about replacing them with Z-Wave thermostats. Cosmetically they are better looking - but also somewhat simpler to install and maintain perhaps. I see that most posts are about the CT-100 - is that the preferred option these days? I have a two zone system, simple heat and cool. Thanks.

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    I have 2 of the WDTC-20 units. If I had to do over, I would look at a wi-fi thermostat.
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