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  • Evolve T100R

    Was wondering if anybody is using the Evolve T100R thermostat and what they think of it. Cant find any reviews on it or discussions on the board (not sure if thats a good or bad sign).
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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    Its being sold in the HS store so that's normally a good sign that things should work.
    Nicolai L


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      Just in case anyone is interested, I ended up buying this thermostat and I've been using it for several months now. In short I'm very happy with it. I have oil heat with a seperate AC unit, the directions were very clear and the thermostat was very easy to install. I can control it from the onboard controls and homeseer updates all it's devices when it is polled (every 30 seconds) or I can control it from homeseer and it's face updates without delay.

      Highly recommend this thermostat and the price is right.
      If it ain't broke, don't fix it!


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        I also purchased an Evolve T100R Thermostat

        Pretty straight-forward to get it to join my Z-Wave network. I created two devices:

        1) Status - Temp, setpoint, mode, current mode state, fan, current fan state.
        2) Temperature - current temperature

        The Z-Wave Thermostat plugin provides the following controls:
        Set Heat Setpoint in degrees for Heat/Cool/EnergySaveHeat/EnergySaveCool
        Fan On/Auto
        Mode Auto/Heat/Cool/Aux/Off

        What I don't get, but wish I did:
        Remote temperature - I connected my existing outdoor temp sensor to RS2. This value is not available to Homeseer.
        Control over Away (Setback) Mode. This thermostat has an away, or vacation, mode, however I don't have any control over that from Homeseer.

        Other notes:
        1) My outdoor temp sensor was used by the original Honeywell controller to determine when to use the Heat Pump. The T100R does not rely on an outdoor temp sensor to operate the heat pump, it uses another algorithm.
        2) The T100R has a 4x7 schedule, but this schedule is not available to Homeseer.

        If anyone is having a different experience with their T100R please chime in.