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Trane Thermostat Updating

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  • Trane Thermostat Updating

    I remember a thread regarding the Trane thermostat that I had participated in way back but cannot find it now.
    It was regarding the "Fan" status not updating for some but it would for someone else. Long story short - in case this might help someone else -

    If the thermostat is in "Heat" mode, it will not report FAN changes - the fan will always be idle, no matter if it's running or not. If you set it to "Auto" mode with Heat and Cool set points, the FAN status will then update.

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    I also found that if you force fan ON on the thermostat then HS will show correct status.

    I am not sure if the problem is that a) thermostat is not reporting back or 2) HS is not picking up the message.

    I clearly remember seeing fan status being up to date during winter and I disable A/C and switch mode to HEAT only.

    I will try to dig into this over the weekend. Now I have two example of where fan status is correct.