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Looking for advice - pros, cons of moving from HS2 to HS3

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  • Looking for advice - pros, cons of moving from HS2 to HS3

    I finally gave in and upgraded my home automation server from an old XP machine to Win 10. I'm a long time HS2 user, and was able to get it up and running successfully on the new computer.

    However, there are several rough edges that I suppose are to be expected, mostly compatibility issues between HS2 and the new Win 10 environment. For instance, HS2's web interface only seems to work with Internet Explorer, while Microsoft has moved on to a new browser called Edge; when I explicitly change the state of a device (i.e. turn a light on and off) through the browser, it can only execute one such command - the page has to be reloaded to execute a second command.

    I'd like to upgrade to HS3, but if I'm reading things correctly, there's no simple migration tool. Specifically, it appears that I would have to re-enter all my devices. As I have about 450 devices and probably 1-2 hundred events, this would occupy a week or more of my time at least. This is not what I want to spend my life doing, probably just to wind up pretty much where I am today.

    On the other hand, I'm giving up any more improvements/bug fixes/upgrades (I assume) if I stay on HS2.

    Has anyone else faced this situation? What's the group wisdom about this?

    Thanks for any advice,


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    What type of devices do you have and what plugins are you using under HS2? Plugins will create many of the devices for you. Events are typically more of the issue and if you use scripts, then they will need some adjusting as well. Yes, it’s a bit of a pain to go through it, but I found it less work than expected and allowed me to clean up some things at the same time. To me the biggest advantage is compatibility with new devices and many more plugins in HS3. HS4 is coming this year and it sounds like it will be a simple upgrade to go to it (from HS3).
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      The bulk of the devices are UPB light switches, x-10 motion detectors, and a few other random things. Now that you mention it, the UPB devices may be automatically created, which would be a big help. Good point!

      Will all the scripts continue to work? There are several hundred of these, that's where most of the work went to originally.


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        Most scripts will likely need to be modified as HS3 included some new commands for controlling devices and dropped some others. Hard to know for sure how much work it would be without knowing what you are doing in your scripts.
        HS 1963 Devices 1141 Events
        Z-Wave 122 Nodes on one Z-Net


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          I would think it would also be advantageous to have a supported product on a supported OS.


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            I've only recently been where you are now.
            First, the problem with only being able to change a device state "ON/OFF" in HS2 once without a page refresh isn't isolated to Win10 nor Edge. I had the same problem long ago when I upgraded my system from Win XP to Win 7. The situation was the same no matter which browser I used. I simply learned to live with it.

            More recently, I finally moved to HS3 from HS2 only because I'd run into some new Z-Wave devices which I couldn't fully use in HS2 and with Z-Wave in HS2 left in the state it was, I experienced constant, quite annoying delays in device command execution. I'm happy to announce that both problems have been solved with HS3. I won't lie, the process was quite stressful. I was dealing with over 800 devices and about 450 events with 180 scripts.
            The steps I took:
            - Created a printout of all my devices and events for reference.
            - I kept HS2 available and operational so I could shut down HS3 and restart 2 during periods where I wasn't actively working on the project.
            - Next I installed the HS3 plugins I would absolutely need and then proceeded to recreate my HS2 devices in HS3, crossing off each one in turn on my printout.
            - Finally I proceeded to recreate my events. Since I use scripts to perform a lot of complex functions, this took the most time. Many hs scripting functions operate differently in HS3, so this involved more than a week working at this ten to fourteen hours a day. Most notably, hs.ExecX10 is gone in HS3; you need to use CAPI functions to replace these. In addition, where the HS3 help may describe a function parameter to be 'optional', it most likely is not. You'll need to provide all parameters in one form or another.

            After the first week I was able to fully commit to HS3 having converted all of the lighting and motion events and scripts. The remainder I completed over the following two weeks or so.

            A good deal of my experience is documented here along with the excellent help I received from others, namely Sparkman, without who's assistance I probably would have given up in frustration and remained with HS2.

            Overall however, I'm pleased with the result. I'm now able to fully use newer Z-Wave devices without having to resort to scripting tricks to implement some of their functions (Smoke Detectors, Thermostats), and I'm able to use the new HS-FLS100 floodlight controller (My old X10 floodlights had begun to fail with no replacement available).

            Good luck with your endeavor.
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              It's a very painful experience.

              I highly recommend tenscripting and tenscriptaid They will make writing and debugging scripts a lot easier (once you've overcome the tenscripting learning curve of course!)


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                Thanks folks. This info is very helpful. Since most of my devices are UPB controls, it turns out that these are imported automatically, so that's a great start. On to the scripts...


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                  Originally posted by JKaplan View Post
                  On to the scripts...
                  Originally posted by billt View Post
                  I highly recommend tenscripting and tenscriptaid They will make writing and debugging scripts a lot easier (once you've overcome the tenscripting learning curve of course!)
                  +1 for tenScripting and tenScriptAid - also tenHsEvents.
                  They make script conversion and creation a much more efficient process.

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                    Version 3.30 of tenScripting is now available